LANDESK products are constantly updated to meet the needs of rapidly changing IT environments. As new products are released, previous versions are supported and maintained for a certain amount of time, then retired.

End of Life Announcement

Shortly after a new product version is released, an end-of-life (EOL) announcement is made for the previous version.

Manufacturing Availability

EOL plus 60 days. The previous versions can be ordered from LANDESK for 60 days from the EOL announcement. After that, only the new version can be ordered.

Full Support

EOL plus 12 months. Full LANDESK product support will continue for one full year from the EOL announcement. There is no difference between support levels for the new product and the previous version. Maintenance updates will continue to be released during this time.

Continued Customer Care Support

EOL plus 18 months. Continued product support will continue for 18 months from the EOL announcement. All current maintenance updates will be available. However, no new updates will be released after 12 months.

Web-Based Support

EOL plus 24 months. Live support is discontinued, but Web-based support continues for another 12 months from the EOL announcement. Users can access the LANDESK Support website to download previously released product updates and access technical white papers and a public discussion forum.

Backward Compatibility and Upgrades

New product versions are backward-compatible with the last product version. For example, LANDESK solutions 8.7 are compatible with LANDESK solutions 8.6. Customers with systems running any of the three previous product versions can upgrade clients to the newest product version. For example, systems running LANDESK solutions 8.4, 8.5 or 8.6 can upgrade to LANDESK solutions 8.7.