Customer Support

LANDESK offers a points-based support system that offers you a range of service and support options designed to meet your operational requirements. The levels of the program have been structured to ensure you receive the service you need and deserve.

Customers who purchase a LANDESK maintenance program are awarded "points" according to the level of their investment. The accumulation of points, at initial purchase and throughout the year, determines the level of support you automatically qualify for. Points can easily be tracked by logging into the Smart Self-Service Portal in the LANDESK Community. For detailed information on how points are calculated, click here.

Four levels of support are available: Base, Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.

LANDESK Base Support

LANDESK Base Support provides software upgrade protection and self-directed support through the LANDESK Technical Community and available online documentation. Best known methods (BKM) documents, white papers, support bulletins and interaction with other LANDESK customers in the technical community forum are just a few of the resources available to customers. Should you still need access to LANDESK support professionals, LANDESK offers Incident Pack Support for organizations requiring added flexibility.

LANDESK Professional Support

LANDESK Professional Support is a renewable annual support agreement that provides you all the benefits of Base Support, plus a number of key additional features. Most importantly, customers are allowed an unlimited number of incidents and can access phone support during local business hours to have Priority 1 issues addressed immediately. All other priority issues are resolved via the Smart Service portal.

Within the Smart Service Portal, answers to the most common issues can be found without even speaking with a LANDESK support professional. If you do want assistance with Priority 2 or lower issues, just submit a ticket online and choose to be contacted by phone or email. Your incidents are queued in the phone system whether you call us or submit your incident online via the portal.

Professional Support also includes a one-year subscription to the LANDESK E-Learning Library that contains several dozen modules covering a wide array of topics. You can also take advantage of a free, one-day Instructor-led Online (ILO) training course and become trained at your convenience and at no additional cost.

LANDESK Enterprise Support

LANDESK Enterprise Support is a renewable annual support agreement that improves upon the features and benefits of Professional Support. If you need 24x7 phone support for all priority level issues, this program is for you.

Enterprise Support also includes three, one-year subscriptions to the LANDESK E-Learning Library and two vouchers for one-day Instructor-led Online (ILO) training courses. The greater number of free training opportunities helps ensure your staff is knowledgeable and making the most of your LANDESK investment.

LANDESK Enterprise Plus Support

LANDESK Enterprise Plus Support is our premier customer care program. It’s a renewable annual support agreement that improves upon the features and benefits of Enterprise Support. Enterprise Plus customers are assigned to a Support Account Manager (SAM) who serves as a high-level account manager. The SAM is your eyes and ears inside LANDESK and ensures the right resources are allocated to resolving your issues as quickly as possible.

SAMs have direct access to customer support, engineering, and product management. They escalate your issues in the right direction and as high as necessary—leading to a speedy resolution. SAMs also provide quarterly reports that summarize your support requirements and verify an annual 15-point health check is performed.

Enterprise Plus customers also enjoy unlimited priority phone support and are provided with a special hotline that is accessible only to customers at this level. Your phone call skips ahead of lower-level support calls to be addressed promptly—regardless of its priority level.