Unify IT through the user experience

It’s hard enough for IT to simplify or consolidate the technologies it uses to manage everything, let alone do it for every user. LANDESK Workspaces goes beyond simple integration of IT tools and data to unify the IT experience. The solution offers end users as well as key roles within IT an intuitive, unified experience that drives greater efficiency and deeper insights to perform work.

Common experience, configurable capabilities

There is intrinsic value in sharing a common user experience among everyone in an organization. It helps streamline communications, reduce training, and makes the transition between roles seamless. In addition, there are different actions and processes each role can leverage, enabling each workspace to be configured with such.

Integrated IT on the back end

A dazzling user interface has little value without the magic behind the scenes. LANDESK Workspaces integrates data sources, processes, and tools. It also leverages the information gathered around users, devices, software, security, hardware and more. You gain the actions and tools needed to manage each of these IT disciplines.

Simplified implementation and deployment

Once you’ve set up your LANDESK environment you’ve already enabled LANDESK Workspaces. There’s no need to stand up additional servers or infrastructure. Simply assign the roles, configure your integrations, and download the LANDESK Workspaces app for mobile devices from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You’re then on your way to a better IT user experience.