Role-driven design

IT collects lots of data that too few people leverage. LANDESK Workspaces uses role-driven design to deliver targeted IT data and tools for each workspace. Your organization realizes greater productivity when you enable users to work with and act on data in the context of their workflow.

Intuitive user experience

LANDESK Workspaces is like having an app store, dashboards, workflow, and actions all in one place—on any device. It leverages the latest in user-experience design. Not only is it elegant to behold, it provides a straight-forward approach to presenting visual data and actions within the workflow of each role.

Scoped to each role’s needs

Everything is scoped to the role and what that individual needs to complete work quickly. LANDESK Workspaces uses both Active Directory and LANDESK solutions to identify and define groups, types of users, or their devices. You’re able to scope your granularity down to the individual user or device.

Secured with your corporate credentials

Your workspace authentication is tied to your corporate Active Directory login, so you don’t have to remember yet another password.

A workspace for key consumers of IT

Key roles like IT Analysts, Asset Managers, and Security Administrators live and breathe on information and services. IT Executives also need a broad view of IT performance, the organization’s security posture, and an understanding of how IT and ROI contribute to business success.