Integrated data and actions for the IT analyst

Not all service management professionals are created equal. Some focus on frontline troubleshooting and solving user problems, while others manage requests or changes. But all make the entire organization operate at higher levels more consistently.

With LANDESK Workspaces for the IT Analyst, you impact service management professionals and your end users positively by streamlining and integrating the data and IT analyst tools needed for their role.

Workspaces for the IT Analyst overview

IT Analyst: The role that makes IT operate

Who are greater consumers of IT information and tools than IT analysts? They require more aggregated information from more systems than nearly anyone else—everything from knowing what devices a user has, to what’s on those devices, to a history of what’s happened on each device. All this, plus system-wide changes that might influence the performance of multiple services or capabilities that affect an end user.

Read the white paper to learn more about the roles LANDESK Workspaces empowers and how all the data is integrated. The experience is familiar, but the actions are role-driven.

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Troubleshoot and handle incidents with data that’s more relevant

Prioritize incidents within the IT analyst team and take ownership of individual user incidents. View users and their associated devices based on the rights and scope of each IT Analyst role. Drill down into detailed, contextual data to troubleshoot incidents and securely remote control the user’s device directly from the workspace.

Fulfill one-off requests fluidly

IT analysts involved in Level 1 or Level 2 support need to push out apps to people quickly. Understanding the user’s roles and the devices they own makes it easy to fulfill individual requests from the workspace. No more jumping from one console or tool to another.

Intuitive interaction with IT Service Management processes

IT analysts can interact with service management processes like incident, request, and change management from within their workspace. Only those processes or process actions required for the IT Analyst role or other IT service management (ITSM) roles are visible to the individual.