Contextual dashboards

How do you stop sifting through mountains of irrelevant data to unearth the gems that make a difference in your job? LANDESK Workspaces displays aggregated data from inside and outside your business to make your entire IT organization efficient, which enables users to be more productive. It’s just the right information presented visually in the context of your workflow.

IT user data

Simply import user data from Active Directory and devices are associated automatically with the users. Access to user-profile information is particularly important for roles like IT Analyst. Search on a user name and only that user and his or her devices are displayed. This user data can be presented visually to various roles that can drill into greater detail about the user.

IT-discovered data

LANDESK employs both passive and active discovery methods to identify and construct a comprehensive inventory of all managed and unmanaged devices on the network. This detailed data is displayed as you drill down on different aspects of your dashboards, making it easy to report on or resolve issues.

Aggregated data

Business-to-business (B2B) connectors feed information from outside sources into LANDESK solutions. Examples include hardware information from vendors, software licensing information from resellers, or warranty information from manufacturers. This graphical data is used to calculate potential and realized savings. These B2B connectors can be used to aggregate data from numerous outside data sources.

Security data

The state of each device is scanned by LANDESK security solutions and compared against data from trusted security and compliance sources. You can visualize your security posture through data provided via multiple dashboard components. Security Administrators can prioritize security threats and measure compliance levels.