Actions within the context of what you do

Take immediate action within the context of the IT data you’re viewing inside your role-based workspace. Complete your tasks without jumping back and forth between dashboards and IT systems.

Support actions and tools

Users can access self-service to solve their own issues or initiate support incidents or tickets. As IT Analysts identify issues with users’ systems or devices, they can leverage tools and actions that are available in context. These built-in IT tools include secure remote control, one-to-one software distribution, or responding to a service request.

Process-related actions

Incorporating IT processes inside each role’s workspace streamlines the experience and eliminates unnecessary business pauses. Actions related to processes, such as filling out a form or request, can be embedded in the workspace experience and linked to other actions such as manager approvals.

Resource management actions

Actionable dashboards in LANDESK Workspaces allow you to search and drill down on data. With a click or a touch within your workspace you can reclaim software licenses and perform other IT resource management functions. Take action and view the asset management cost savings displayed in your dashboard.