Intelligent visibility for IT asset managers

IT asset managers are charged with the responsibility of guaranteeing that an organization uses what it pays for. Their objective is to track and maintain all software and hardware operations. With LANDESK Workspaces for the IT Asset Manager you can meet this challenge successfully. It immediately identifies your state of compliance, helps you optimize your software licenses, illustrates where and how you can save through reclamation, and detects your needed hardware refreshes from a single business-value dashboard.

See the Workspace in action

Accelerate your asset management strategy

Effective software and hardware management tools drive immediate ROI. However, only 22 percent of businesses are confident they have the right software licenses*. That means 78 percent of organizations are incurring exorbitant costs due to unmanaged IT assets. The newest addition to the LANDESK IT Asset Management (ITAM) Suite, The Asset Manager Workspace, identifies what assets you have, where they are, how they’re used, and how they’re performing so you can make timely business decisions with confidence.

Are you compliant?

Gartner Inc. estimates organizations have a nearly 70 percent chance of being audited each year.*

Monitor your current state of compliance at a glance. Respond faster to software audits by providing accurate and timely information about what assets you have, where they are, and how they’re performing.

Could you be saving?

80 percent of businesses are paying too much for software licenses.*

Accurate information about your assets empowers you to optimize software, reclaim unused licenses, and regain negotiating power with your vendors. Eliminate surplus purchases while avoiding under-buying to escape true-ups.

Are your licenses optimized?

52 percent of IT managers don’t know if their software is properly licensed.*

View real-time software usage information to optimize licenses. Drill deeper for specifics about device names, when the software was last used, how many times it was launched, and duration of use.

When is your next refresh?

Hardware failure accounts for 53 percent of all data loss and systems downtime.*

Identify hardware due for a refresh to minimize maintenance costs, reduce systems downtime, and decrease hardware budgets with B2B connectors that track and maintain vendor information.