Any device, any platform, anywhere

When it comes to creating the same user experience across all your devices, LANDESK Workspaces has you covered. It works as an app on your PC or Mac and on your mobile devices, or as a portal accessed through an HTML 5 browser. Remote offices or users? No problem. With LANDESK Workspaces it’s easy to obtain what you need to get work done anywhere.

Devices and platforms

LANDESK Workspaces gives users access to their data and actions on the most popular platforms and devices, including Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers, as well as Google Android and Apple iOS devices. So no matter what device you’re on—a laptop, tablet, or smartphone—you’ll have your workspace at your fingertips.

Experience tailored to the device

LANDESK Workspaces employs responsive design across all devices to present the data visualization and actions in the format of the device. Each workspace app takes into account the nuances of different devices, so the experience with the device interface is consistent and very similar from device to device. Switch between devices and LANDESK Workspaces provides an optimal viewing experience with minimal panning, resizing, and scrolling.

As a portal

Your workspace is accessible anywhere you’re on an HTML 5-enabled browser. That means if you’re logging in from someone else’s device, you still have access to all your information and actions through a role-based portal.