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When you enable the user experience people expect, you minimize the risk of workers and departments circumventing IT to implement risky “Shadow IT” solutions. Through LANDESK Workspaces, IT departments can deliver a modern user experience with the right information and actions for each employee based on role. Enhance the user interface and you will increase user adoption across the organization and improve IT efficiencies.

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What is LANDESK Workspaces?

LANDESK Workspaces is the most intuitive experience IT can provide to empower people and increase productivity. It delivers an intuitive, role-driven experience that helps end users become more self-sufficient. It also empowers IT with unified data, simplified processes, and the right tools enabled through the same, familiar user interface for each role.

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LANDESK Workspaces creates an ideal user experience for key roles that consume IT data, assets, and services in your organization. These essential roles include, but are not limited to, the following:

End User

Provide an intuitive experience for end users to obtain needed IT resources, including apps, access to self-service, documents, and more.

IT Analyst

Supply IT analysts with the information, tools, and processes they need for timely analysis, resolution, and service management to meet SLA's.

Asset Manager

Present software and hardware lifecycle data to improve purchasing decisions and reclaim resources for greater ROI of assets.

Security Admin

Maintain tight security. Deliver a continuous security posture that displays threat levels plus tools to remediate critical threats.


Deliver high-level information for decision making across multiple IT disciplines.

LANDESK Workspaces capabilities

Integrate the data, tools, and user experience between multiple IT disciplines for a common experience.

Simplify business processes and improve the way people work. Deliver the right information and actions in an intuitive, role-based experience.

Customize and visualize aggregated IT data through role-based dashboards. Present only what’s important for each role to perform their job.

Take immediate steps with integrated tools and actions related to the workflow of each role.

Access your workspace from any major platform or device, including iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, or access it via any HTML 5 browser.

Theming features let you bring in your company logo, color palate and more!

Why should IT care about the user experience?

The experience matters, whether it’s associated with customers, employees, or users who interact with your technology. See why adopting best practices for creating a better user experience can improve the overall experience and productivity you deliver from IT.

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