A flexible new resource to get business done

Technology proliferation in our everyday lives has created new, more informed and enabled users. They bring in more and more devices, applications, and services—all designed to make their jobs and lives easier. Users don’t perceive this as a threat to their organization, but rather as a way to get their job done in the most productive way possible.

It’s the very premise of Shadow IT: Users putting information technology to work for themselves.

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Truth be told, this can represent an unprecedented risk to the organization. IT is held accountable to secure and protect things that they can’t even see—things they don’t even know exist. And that’s a challenge. Do we attempt to control Shadow IT by obstructing the user with barriers, or do we embrace it and seek to enable end-user productivity?

Establish an environment that focuses on users

With the right technology and wise approach, Shadow IT becomes the catalyst to transform the traditional “command and control” IT infrastructure into a flexible new resource that:

  • Supports innovation across your organization
  • Enhances your role as a trusted technology advisor
  • Delivers responsive tools people need to get business done

Look to LANDESK for the tools to help support this new “Age of the User.” Last year we introduced user-based pricing to our Total User Management Suite and removed the added cost to customers of managing additional devices. This year we assemble the LANDESK product portfolio in our new Workspace end user app. Tying together service, systems, security, and mobility management into one easy-to-use application, Workspace lets IT extend a broad range of services to its users regardless of device, platform, or location.

Make no mistake. Shadow IT is here to stay, and users will find a way to employ the technology they need to get work done. Stop wasting time trying to control things you can’t and start implementing solutions that allow users to be their most productive selves.