Ditch the spreadsheets and provide actionable insight

Reporting and analytics aren’t the same thing. Reporting monitors and organizes data into informational summaries. Analytics explores data summaries to extract insights. That information is then leveraged to make strategic decisions, which improves business performance.

Gain insight across your entire environment from any device. Explore data from your iOS device, or any web browser, with high-level dashboards that help you react quickly to problems and trends in your environment.

Multi-level reporting increases visibility into your service desk operations. It tracks, analyzes, and publishes a variety of data, including drillable dashboards and SLA reports.

Analytical data and management reports accessible through a browser-based reporting portal offer a complete picture of asset usage, organizational compliance, and much more.

Reports, dashboards, and inspectors give contextual information and customized visibility into your IT systems. Visually demonstrates user productivity, system performance, and endpoint security.

Empower your IT and non-technical staff to easily connect multiple LANDESK and other data sources into a single dashboard or report—all without coding. Complementary to the reporting capabilities in the LANDESK portfolio, Xtraction consolidates business views and helps you visualize the state of the IT environment to make informed decisions.

EMA Report on Xtraction Solution

Read the EMA impact brief and learn about how Xtraction's reporting and analysis complements the LANDESK portfolio.