Protecting cardholder data is good for your business

If you’re a merchant of any size accepting credit cards, you must comply with PCI Security Council standards. To avoid the financial and operational consequences for non-compliance, you must follow the 12 requirements in the standard. LANDESK offers multiple layers of security—and validation reporting—to meet PCI DSS requirements.

Configure and manage firewalls from multiple vendors from one management console.

Require stronger passwords and provide methods for self service password updates and resets.

Implement data encryption to protect cardholder data wherever it’s stored. Require encryption when copying data to any external device.

See and control all of the user’s access to software, secure email, and other resources across multiple devices from a single, integrated IT management platform.

Defend against zero-day threats and malicious software by ensuring only authorized and authentic software can run with Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) technology.

Assign user IDs and track access to data if it’s copied onto another device. Also lock down ports so external devices, like USB drives, can’t be used to copy cardholder data.

Monitor vulnerabilities, report on any security activities, and drill down on any issues to remediate security threats.

Use LANDESK Process Manager to build automated workflows for security processes.