Manage all your devices and platforms in one place

Give employees the devices they want, but manage them your way. Users are choosing from a growing selection of devices to get their job done. Support any mix of desktop, laptop, and mobile devices employees use—iOS, Android, Windows PCs, Macs, or even Chromebooks—all within the same management interface and workflow. LANDESK cross-platform support also extends beyond the user to help your IT organization manage leading server platforms like Windows, Linux, HP-UX, and CentOS.

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Cross-platform capabilities

Users follow the same process for accessing applications and services from IT on any device, while integrating back-end systems, security, and service management data and processes.

Finding more users requesting Macs? No problem! Manage the Macs along with the iPhones and iPads people want to use, easily – in one unified solution.

Protect data without compromising user productivity. Identify vulnerabilities across multiple platforms and configure Antivirus, FileVault 2, and app whitelisting as a few examples. Also patch operating system and third party applications across Windows PC’s, Macs, and Linux devices.

Discover, inventory, and report on multiple server operating systems beyond Windows servers—platforms like Linux, HP-UX, and CentOS. Identify vulnerabilities and patch systems to maintain high availability of critical services.

IT administrators can see and control users’ access to software, secure email, and other resources across multiple devices from a single, integrated IT management platform.

New version of an operating system released? LANDESK strives for Day One support - so we’re ready when users bring in new devices or update their device’s OS.

Gartner Magic Quadrant - Service Management

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IDC Report: ROI of an Integrated Management Solution

Discover the five key ROI findings IDC identified while interviewing LANDESK customers. This report spells out the savings across both IT and user productivity with a total financial benefit to the business.