Enable the productivity of end users

A modern IT department knows that its primary objective is to enable the productivity of the company's end users, and to do so in a way that is controlled and secure. LANDESK has your solution. Using a fully-integrated implementation of the LANDESK Service Desk and LANDESK Management Suite technologies simplifies your IT operations and enables greater user productivity while safeguarding data and meeting service level requirements. Automating commonly performed tasks, especially complicated ones, increases customer satisfaction and eases the IT department’s workload.

Automated software distribution

Organizations spend a lot of money on hardware for their employees and want to ensure those machines are secure and using authorized software that is properly licensed. This often means developing controls around what type of software can be installed on which machines. Unfortunately, these controls can also limit user productivity and create additional work for IT to manage and distribute software downloads and licensing.

The User-Oriented Solution

LANDESK automates the request and distribution of software titles, eliminating nearly every manual step in the distribution process.

  • Use the Self Service Portal to browse software titles available to individual employees
  • Request software titles compatible with laptops or desktops
  • Determine automatically whether licenses are required based on current license inventory
  • Email a manager automatically for purchasing approval when new licenses are needed
  • Purchase software licenses from compatible distributors via email; responses are handled automatically by the system
  • Upon approval, distribute software packages to end users automatically without IT intervention
  • Auto-close title requests after software has been distributed successfully
  • Report on software-request trends and budget accordingly

For many software titles, employees will receive nearly instant access to much-needed productivity software. However, you also retain control over the authorization and distribution of more-expensive titles that need company approval. Contact your LANDESK representative today to learn how to place employee productivity at the center of IT’s mission.

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Employee onboarding and termination

New employees join your organization, only to arrive with no workstation, no user profile, and no access to critical systems. You’ve built an onboarding process, but steps are missed occasionally and it takes weeks before new employees are fully able to do the job they were hired for. Or perhaps you’ve just had a key employee leave the company to work for a competitor. Are you certain that the individual’s access to business-critical systems has been deactivated?

Companies like yours face these problems daily while trying to manually manage the acquisition and termination of employees. In many cases, companies don’t even realize they have left access to business systems open to exiting employees, exposing both the organization and its customers to risk.

The User-Oriented Solution

LANDESK automates the tasks needed to onboard new employees as well as those tasks necessary when an employee leaves the company.

The LANDESK automated onboarding and termination process allows you to:

  • Initiate the onboarding process via HR when offers are made to new hires
  • Request employee profile information from the hiring manager
  • Automate the creation of Active Directory and email accounts
  • Assign software bundles to new employees by department, for automatic distribution of needed software
  • Track assets and software titles deployed to new employees
  • Control access to business-critical system by assigning users to AD Security Groups automatically
  • Schedule termination dates for employees
  • Provide managers and IT with asset lists for exiting employees
  • Back up email accounts to network storage for auditing purposes
  • Terminate access to critical systems immediately after employee's termination date/time
  • Provide reports on terminated employees and successful completion of termination tasks

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Don’t be left in the dark, or allow the security of your enterprise IT systems to be compromised due to manual error. Call your LANDESK account representative today and learn how automated solutions from LANDESK can help you maximize employee productivity and simplify IT operations.