Add a LANDESK specialist to your team

Having a Technical Account Manager (TAM) is like gaining an extra IT team member without inflating headcount. You benefit from a helpful, personable expert with specialized knowledge of LANDESK products and with direct access to the engineers who developed them.

Does your technical support engineer know your LANDESK environment inside and out? Can you obtain focused support from someone familiar with your environment in two hours or less? Can you be sure you’ll only need to explain a support issue one time and to one person?

Choose from five TAM program offerings

You can select from the Express, Advantage, Premier, Enterprise, and Dedicated TAM program offerings—designed to meet your support and budget requirements. You experience personal support from LANDESK’s finest technical resources—individuals who are familiar with your business environment, processes, and objectives.

Technical Account Manager
Contract Period
Contract Period3 months6 mos.-3 yrs.6 mos.-3 yrs.1-3 years1-3 years
Target Response Time
Target Response Time2 hour2 hour1 hour1 hour30 minutes
Resource Availability
Resource Availability8x58x58x58x58x5
24x7 Priority L2 Support
24x7 Priority L2 SupportNoNoYesYesYes
Training Vouchers
Training Vouchers00248
Technical Resource Ratio
Technical Resource Ratio10:114:17:17:1 per TAM1:1
Available Types of Product Specialists
Available Types of Product SpecialistsLDMS/LDSSLDMS/LDSS
Technical Account Manager(s)
Technical Account Manager(s)11121
Available Language Support
Available Language Support  checkcheckcheck
Product Knowledge Transfer
Product Knowledge Transfer  checkcheckcheck
Proactive Communication
Proactive Communication  checkcheckcheck
Annual Product Health Checklist(s)
Annual Product Health Checklist(s)  12unlimited
Quarterly Business Review
Quarterly Business Review  checkcheckcheck
Product Adoption Analysis
Product Adoption Analysis  checkcheckcheck
Business Gap Analysis
Business Gap Analysis  checkcheckcheck
On-site Days
On-site Days  81632

Express Program

The Express Program can help you transition through a new product installation or through an upgrade from a prior product version more easily and cost-effectively. Taste what it’s like to have an assigned resource help you bring your LANDESK products to life and align them to your IT business objectives. After 90 days, upgrade to any one of the full Premier, Enterprise, or Dedicated TAM offerings and continue to experience the benefits of having an assigned resource.

Advantage Program

With the Advantage Program you gain a LANDESK Management Suite and Security Suite product support specialist who knows your environment inside and out. You won’t explain an issue multiple times to many people. Each TAM is committed to a limited number of accounts. Plus, you have direct landline and mobile phone access to your TAM, so there’s no waiting in a hold queue.

Premier Program

In addition to the benefits of the Advantage Program described above, the Premier Program offers eight days of on-site access to your TAM for project management or planning assistance, health check assessments, or assistance with upgrades. While your TAM doesn’t perform the services directly, he or she assists and directs your team to ensure proper strategies and best practices are followed. Familiarity with your environment, processes, and business goals means your TAM can provide the support and direction required.

Enterprise Program

Selecting the Enterprise Program means you gain two TAMS without adding extra headcount. You acquire a proactive support team with specialty knowledge of two LANDESK solutions. Your TAMs have direct access to the engineers who developed those products. You also enjoy 16 days of on-site access to your TAMs and one-hour response times from them, along with unlimited access to the LANDESK technical support team.

Dedicated Program

The Dedicated Program represents the highest level of LANDESK support. You gain exclusive access to an assigned TAM at your site up to 32 days annually. This individual works proactively with your IT staff to ensure your LANDESK environment is optimized and running smoothly. Throughout the 32 days of on-site access your TAM can assist and direct your team with project management and planning, health assessments, and upgrade monitoring, plus ensure that proper strategies are followed.

Proven Expertise for Greater Peace of Mind

Ready for support that helps you gain the most from your LANDESK solutions, is easy to budget, and worry-free? Support that’s fast, dedicated, and knowledgeable both on the phone and in person? Support that delivers hassle-free resolution of all your support issues?

Learn more about engaging a LANDESK Technical Account Manager today. Please contact us at 1-800-982-21301-800-982-2130 FREE (US), +44 (0) 1344 442100+44 (0) 1344 442100 (UK), or email