Gain the most from your LANDESK investment

Many organizations struggle staffing experts for all the solutions they manage. This makes it difficult to maximize the benefits of IT purchases, and return on investment suffers. There are many reasons why acquiring and retaining talent is difficult. Regardless of your situation, LANDESK Managed Services can help. We provide the expert, “guru” level assistance you need to gain the maximum benefit from your LANDESK investment.

LANDESK Managed Services has four main objectives:

  1. To keep your system up-to-date and healthy
  2. To keep your system loaded with necessary content (patches, distribution packages, policies, customized templates, etc.)
  3. To provide guidance on best practices
  4. To keep your level 1 and level 2 engineers trained and using the system efficiently

Common issues resolved by LANDESK Managed Services:

  • You lose your LANDESK administrator
  • You struggle finding experienced engineers in your area
  • Budget is available but you’re restricted from hiring additional employees
  • Internal staff is needed for other key projects that only they can perform
  • You need immediate impact (ROI) and don’t have time to ramp up staff
  • You don’t have the processes in place for managing devices
  • You need someone to manage long-term projects like patching, OS deployment, or software distribution
  • Your company is outsourcing so internal staff can focus on core competencies
  • Your need doesn’t justify a full headcount
  • You would like to have service level agreements on IT solutions

LANDESK Managed Services can assist with the following LANDESK products:

  • Management Suite
  • Patch Manager
  • Security Suite
  • Data Analytics
  • Service Desk
  • Asset Lifecycle Manager

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