Giving you the edge with your LANDESK solutions

LANDESK Professional Services offers a wide spectrum of professional services, training, and customer support offerings to help you realize the most value from your software investment.

The team draws from the experience, talents, and abilities of the people who develop award-winning LANDESK solutions, helping you experience the most worry-free implementation possible. Maximize your proficiency with the LANDESK management platform by taking a LANDESK training course or completing the Certified LANDESK Engineer or Administrator exam.

By taking advantage of LANDESK Professional Services, you can be confident your deployment will be designed, validated, and implemented by field-proven experts in accordance with industry best practices and standards.

Services offered

Enterprise design and project scoping

With each LANDESK Professional Services engagement, an Area Services Manager will be assigned to your project to help guide the process of planning and designing the IT/IS capabilities of your organization in order to meet desired objectives.

Each project will be scoped and documented in a Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW describes the objectives of the project and provides a detailed list of tasks necessary to accomplish the objectives. Additionally, the SOW describes project assumptions and limitations that help to clarify the specifics of the project, requirements for both LANDESK and the services recipient, and the process for making changes to the SOW.

Once the LANDESK Area Services Manager has discussed the project objectives with the services recipient, an SOW will be drafted and provided to the services recipient for review. The details of the SOW may be discussed by both parties until the exact requirements are agreed upon. Once the SOW is finalized, it will be during the implementation phase of the project that the SOW serves as the LANDESK Consultant’s roadmap or checklist as they work through completing the objectives of the project.


LANDESK software upgrades

LANDESK software upgrades provide customers with the latest software version and features as well as knowledge transfer and best practices for how each new product should be utilized within their specific environment and business needs.


Health checks

Health checks provide a comprehensive review of the existing LANDESK system and cover the evaluation of the fundamental elements that each system (LDMS, LDSD & ALM) is dependent on to perform optimally. The results of the health check will be documented along with recommendations based on LANDESK best practices, and presented to recipient for review.


LANDESK product installation and deployment

LANDESK product installation and deployment services facilitate the planning, deployment, and configuration of essential core services and settings of the LANDESK suite of products and associated systems.


Operating system migration

OS system migration activities focus on educating the customer on the fundamental concepts used within the LANDESK OSD and Provisioning components of the Management Suite product. Customers can also leverage the experience and expertise of the LANDESK Professional Services team to ensure their migration goes as smoothly as possible. Let LANDESK Professional Services help give you the edge. Simply contact LANDESK at 1-800-982-2130 (US), +44 (0)1344 442100 (UK), or email