Everything you need in one package

Did you know that organizations on average spend five to seven times the cost of their new software solutions actually getting them implemented? Rest assured, LANDESK aims to reduce those implementation costs for our customers through our deployment acceleration packages.

When you select our deployment acceleration package, you gain everything you need in a single purchase: professional deployment services, training of staff and best practice guidance, and focused support of a technical advisor throughout the course of your implementation, and more. The result is reduced deployment costs and a faster return on your software investment.

The advantages of a technical advisor

You can be confident your assigned Technical Advisor is focused on your environment and is responsible for creating a 30/60/90-day deployment plan with follow-up from the start of the engagement. In addition, this professional is your direct line of support if and when you need it.

For a customized quote to accelerate your software deployment, simply contact LANDESK at 1-800-982-2130 (US), +44 (0)1344 442100 (UK), or email sales@landesk.com

Sample services provided

If you are looking for...LANDESK Management Suite and/or LANDESK Security Suite
Education1 Boot Camp Seat
Setup and ConfigurationYes
Pilot TestingYes
Production RolloutUp to 500 nodes
Knowledge TransferYes
Implementation RoadmapYes
Gap AnalysisYes
Technical AdvisorThroughout 3-month term

Committed to your deployment

Typically the tasks outlined below for the “Standard Deployment” package take about one week to complete, while those outlined for the “Advanced Deployment” package take about three weeks. Please know, however, LANDESK is committed to completing all the tasks in these packages regardless of the actual amount of time it takes to do so. We are dedicated to providing superior services to our customers.

Sample deployment

Project Tasks

  • Installation
    • Verify hardware prerequisites
    • Install required LANDESK software
  • LANDESK Agent package
    • Configure primary discovery method
    • Deploy up to 500 computers (Windows operating system)
  • Inventory
    • Set up/configure hardware and software scanning
  • Software distribution
  • Create and deploy one basic software package
  • Software license monitoring
  • Configure two applications for monitoring
  • Cloud Services Appliance
  • Verify correct installation and configure Cloud Services Appliance
  • Remote control
  • Configure security method and test access
  • Patch management
  • Configure download settings and update content
  • Review best practices
  • Walkthrough of key features

Technical Advisor (3 months for Standard, 6 months for Advanced)

  • Production rollout assistance
  • Single point of contact
  • Begins at the start of implementation
  • Best practice advisor
  • System health review and configuration
  • Gap analysis
  • Modules used/unused
  • Feature adoption road map


  • Boot camp training for LANDESK administrator
  • Five-day accelerated class
  • Remote or in-person attendance