Powerful Visualizations

Xtraction makes it so much easier to manipulate, interact, and display your data than ever before. Visualize data in real-time and identify trends. Drill down, filter, and sort without the need for specialist help.

IT Operations and Business Views

Report daily IT operations activity such as incidents, changes, and requests, or roll up to business value dashboards. For example, see the number of major incidents logged by sales, or traditional number-of-outages data combined with financial impact showing duration and cost-per-hour against the configuration item.

Graphs, Pie Charts You Decide

Create a dashboard and choose the graph style you want to view. But there’s more. When viewing a dashboard, either yours or a saved shared dashboard, you can change the view on-the-fly as you discuss the results with colleagues. You only modify the one dashboard you view without modifying the shared version.

Enable Real Time Data

Gain real-time monitoring of critical information with the auto refresh feature. Dashboard data can be refreshed and updated every 30 seconds.

Proactive Insights

Xtraction lets you be more proactive. For example, quickly see which incidents are approaching service level breaches, assets that are approaching the end of their lifecycle, or warranty titles that will expire in the next six months. With these insights you can focus attention and resources accordingly.

Access Native Application

As long as there’s a web interface that allows access by Xtraction, users with the right privileges can open up a native application in the context of the data they are viewing.