Your Go-To Single View

Xtraction is a powerful solution that brings together data from multiple vendors and multiple enterprise applications-each with their own reporting interface-into a single view. You gain a clearer picture of the data you own quickly and easily.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Create or modify interactive dashboards in minutes with the dashboard designer. Anyone can create reports by drag-and-drop or point-and-click actions. Simply select the data source or multiple data sources and an output format for a dashboard view and Xtraction does the rest.

Vendor-and database-agnostic, it performs and views the data the same way no matter what the source.

Proactive Notifications

Xtraction can be set to alert you automatically when something occurs in one of more systems that you need to know about.

Faster Collaboration

Easily share your reports by scheduling Xtraction content to email or to network folders. Export into multiple formats HTML, XLS, PDF, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, etc. Pre-defined MS Word templates with corporate branding can be populated whenever an export is generated for your internal or external customers.

One of the best features about Xtraction is that anybody via a browser with little IT technical knowledge can access the data they need. Ad-hoc reports can be built in seconds providing the business an up-to-the minute response to critical situations.

John TomineyIMT Service Center Manager, Information Management, Cathay Pacific