Actionable Insights for Anyone

How do you measure and communicate metrics around the value IT brings to the business? IT organizations everywhere struggle to meet this challenge successfully.

Gain a consolidated business view of all types of enterprise data instantly and visualize the state of your IT environment with Xtraction. Virtually any user can gain fast access to reports and dashboards for better-informed decisions.

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What is Xtraction?

Xtraction is an easy-to-install and use reporting and dashboard solution that brings business intelligence to IT. It aggregates data sources from multiple vendors into business views that support decisions at all levels. In a single view you can pull and display data from enterprise systems like IT service management, IT asset management, client management, project management, and more. Then drill down to focus on information important to you.

This self-service solution enables staff to view and create reports and business value executive dashboards without coding. Now anyone, even those with limited technical or analytical knowledge, can quickly extract data, create dashboards and view actionable insights. Reduce the dependency on specialized staff and increase productivity. Obtain information at-a-glance from real-time status views, point-in-time views, trend analysis-or schedule report delivery at a time that suits you. The solution enables staff to improve processes, projects, and service levels across the IT service management lifecycle.

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Create or modify dashboards in minutes with the drag-and-drop interface. Data that was once isolated becomes increasingly more valuable when cross-referenced with multiple data sources in a single dashboard. See data in real-time, and identify and communicate trends.

Visualize aggregated point-in-time data or real-time data in various formats and export to popular file formats for better comprehension and analysis. Navigate through dashboard data. Easily dive deeper and filter results to create different views that focus on points of interest or areas concern. Drill down to data in underlying applications.

Experience rapid implementation of Xtraction with pre-defined data sources. Available for LANDESK and many other enterprise applications like service, asset, and project management, as well as popular relational databases.

Maintain secure control over who sees your business data with role based access and data policies. Authenticate against Active Directory or the Xtraction database for secure access that doesn’t impact user productivity.

Available for iPads and web browsers so you can provide up-to-the-minute data in business meetings— wherever, whenever. No client software is installed.

EMA Reports on Xtraction

Industry research firm EMA provides insight into the reporting and analysis capabilities of Xtraction.

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