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LANDESK® Web Desk software is a Web application that provides a browser interface to LANDESK® Service Desk, enabling your organization to deliver outstanding IT services to both employees and customers from any location via the Internet.

Whether you are managing an IT service desk or processes such as human resources across the business, LANDESK Web Desk is ideal for those users who frequently work away from their department or who simply prefer working from a browser. This application provides instant access to core analyst features of LANDESK Service Desk, including ITIL verified incident, problem, and change management and knowledgebase search.

Putting the User First

This 100% Web client solution ensures that LANDESK Service Desk users such as IT analysts can still access their service desk at any time from any computer with an Internet connection. No local installation is required, which means no disruption to the user. The solution offers users access to the core functionality within LANDESK Service Desk, such as query tools, process workflow, and the data to attain incident and problem resolution easily, but with the flexibility to work in the way that suits them best. What’s more, the solution’s simple, straightforward navigation eliminates the need for additional training.

Users can stay updated with the latest information from within LANDESK Web Desk through the use of interactive graphical dashboards that provide real-time summaries of key data. Users with privileged access can create, publish, view, and interact with one or more dashboards that can display a multitude of query lists, counts, bar charts, pie charts, Web pages, and quick links.

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Information Sharing

For effective teamwork, it’s essential to be able to pass information between users quickly and easily no matter where they are. With LANDESK Web Desk, incident links, query links, or even note links can be emailed effortlessly, promoting effective communication and a collaborative approach to incident and problem resolution.

Process-Driven Approach

LANDESK Web Desk enables users to take advantage of the powerful process-driven approach inherent in LANDESK Service Desk. They access the same processes that are designed and implemented within LANDESK Service Desk to drive consistent support processes. This ensures that the right persons perform the right tasks. It also guides what gets done and when according to organizational processes and industry or government regulations, making it ideal for organizations looking to introduce ITIL or other best practices.

Effortless Service Provision

LANDESK Web Desk has been designed for fast, effortless incident, problem, and change management. Fundamental to this requirement is that LANDESK Web Desk and LANDESK Service Desk access the same incidents, problems, and changes. With a similar look and feel to LANDESK Service Desk, LANDESK Web Desk offers a familiar, intuitive interface, enabling fast and consistent incident logging. Users can also access a number of incident templates held within LANDESK Service Desk to speed incident logging, e.g., password resets.

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In addition, LANDESK Web Desk uses the incident processes defined in LANDESK Service Desk to support the many activities that may be required to investigate an incident, providing a complete understanding and audit trail. From LANDESK Web Desk, remote users or those on the go can view data stored within LANDESK Service Desk, speeding the progression of incident handling. Centralized information can be retrieved in order to learn who has reported an incident, to view previous incidents, or to access incident histories or outstanding issues. In fact, any incident management information logged within the main LANDESK Service Desk desktop application is available at your fingertips from a browser. By the same token, any incident or other process logged in LANDESK Web Desk can be viewed and progressed from LANDESK Service Desk throughout its lifecycle.

Workload Organization

The color coding of workload lists means users can organize their workload, giving urgent incidents the right level of attention. The service level rules-based engine—which helps drive incident progression—ensures that incidents managed using the LANDESK Web Desk interface can be routed automatically. But if an incident cannot be resolved immediately, the appropriate service levels and assignments can be applied automatically when necessary.

Incident Diagnosis and Problem Resolution

To assist in the diagnosis of incidents and to speed resolution, the LANDESK Service Desk knowledgebase can be searched for relevant information and guidance about potential solutions. Where possible, LANDESK Service Management solutions aim to minimize reoccurring incidents, and as a result, business downtime and costs. But when required, problem logging is a possible next action to take. Within LANDESK Web Desk, the ability to identify faults, log and progress problems, and to link incidents to problems supports faster incident and problem resolution for the service desk. LANDESK Web Desk delivers full incident, problem, and change capability as recommended by the ITIL framework using processes that can support different approaches to Service Management.

Simplified and Secure Application Administration

LANDESK Web Desk is centrally implemented and maintained, which makes deployment across distributed operations simple and straightforward. Local installation on users’ computers is not required, enabling users to get up and running quickly. Plus, being able to access the solution via an Internet connection is perfect for organizations that employ multiple platforms and require the flexibility of cross-platform deployment. In addition, a pressing concern for IT management is the ability to maintain data security. LANDESK Service Desk automatically permits the same user privileges within LANDESK Web Desk to control data access. Users can only view the information they are allowed to see and can be prevented from unauthorized modification (for example within queries), which further simplifies application management.