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Software License Management Solutions

Get the Most Out of Your Software Assets

Reduce Spending and Ensure Software Compliance

Software License Management gives you a clear picture of all software assets on your endpoints through easy discovery, detailed license reporting, and showing the use conditions for each license agreement. LANDESK Software License Management helps you:

  • Reduce software license costs – Optimize software licenses and reclaim unused licenses to maximize your software investments
  • Discover unauthorized software usage – Control your software to reduce security risks and improve employee productivity
  • Reduce business and legal risk – Reduce risk of being out of compliance with software vendor licenses and provide quick reports when audited
  • Improve your negotiation power with vendors – When you know what you spend on software, you can avoid overspending and negotiate better terms with your software vendors
  • Reduce Help Desk costs – Now Help Desk agents know what each computer has before they start helping

Software License Management Capabilities

The Software License Management component in LANDESK Management Suite provides several new capabilities, including:

  • Automatically discover software
  • Automated software reclamation
  • Grouping of software to create licensable units
  • Data normalization
  • Reconciliation of license usage, including license downgrades
  • Software usage tracking
  • VDI licensing tracking
  • SmartVue dashboard
  • Reporting for compliance and auditing

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LANDESK Management Suite combines powerful tools that give you the control and flexibility you need to manage all of your IT assets—all from one easy-to-use interface. It provides a multitude of benefits in several critical categories including:

  • Enterprise efficiency and scalability
  • Software license monitoring
  • Software distribution
  • Remote control
  • Inventory management
  • OS deployment and profile migration
  • Power management

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