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LANDESK® Service Catalogue is a Web-based, one-stop shop for employees or customers to submit their own requests for software, hardware, and services.

Users are presented with a graphical list of live services, complete with an image and description, plus any other data IT wants to publish. Users can easily find the service they need, either by scrolling through a list or via a key word search, much like browsing an Internet retail site.

Live services are published to users depending on what they are allowed to see and request, so the list of services changes depending on who is viewing it. And the solution gets even smarter. Each time users see their list, the system excludes any services they already have, unless it's a service that can be requested many times.

More than just an attractive front end, LANDESK Service Desk Catalogue is designed to work as a Corporate Appstore. It uses a complete request and fulfillment process sot that all service requests, subscriptions, and service removals are managed by a process.

LANDESK Service Catalogue enables you to:

  • Offer 24/7 service request capability
  • Reduce service desk costs by encouraging self service
  • Monitor usage volume per service for informed planning of future needs
  • Improve the user experience and customer satisfaction
  • Ensures IT policy and processes are met

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Key Features and Benefits

  • View and request a variety of live services from the Self Service website
  • Allow managers to request services on behalf of their staff
  • Search easily for services or navigate a service catalogue hierarchy
  • Define each service request process to be followed
  • Publish via self service only those items a user is entitled to see
  • Join together service request and fulfilment processes to subscribe "bundles" of services.
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