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24/7 Support via Self Service

LANDESK® Self Service helps organizations alleviate the pressure on their service desk while increasing end user access to support services without reducing the quality of that support. Using the Web, end users have 24/7 access from anywhere to the tools and knowledge to quickly log, view the status of, and update standard incidents and service requests themselves. They can also search a knowledge base to troubleshoot their issues, gain answers to frequently asked questions, and keep up to date with the latest company news without contacting the service desk directly.

LANDESK Self Service is ideal for the top three, Level 1-types of requests:

  • Password reset, driven by security requirements
  • Knowledge-base search and finding answers to “how-to” questions
  • Requests for services, which can be streamlined through an automated request fulfillment

Also accessible from within the LANDESK Self Service website is the LANDESK® Service Catalogue. It's a Web-based "shop window" that lets users submit their own requests for software, hardware and services. Users can easily navigate a catalogue tree or use keyword search and filter facilities to view detailed service information, much like browsing an Internet retail site. Live services are published to users depending on what they are allowed to see and request, so the list of services changes depending on who is viewing it.

Self Service Reduces Costs While Improving the End User Experience

By giving users the option of serving themselves, you'll witness lower support costs, more efficient use of resources, and improved customer satisfaction.

With LANDESK Self Service you can:

  • Enable users to interact directly with the service desk 24/7 from any location
  • Provide personalized, relevant information and publish announcements targeted to specific users
  • Reduce the number of unstructured or incomplete incidents or requests logged by email
  • Reduce service desk costs by encouraging self service
  • Monitor usage volume per service for informed planning of future needs
  • Ensure service desk staff remain productive
  • Improve the user experience and customer satisfaction

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Tap into the power of LANDESK Self Service to reduce call volumes and alleviate pressure on your service desk. Contact your nearest LANDESK representative.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Submit, update, and track the progress of incidents and service requests
  • View status, history, and resolution of incidents and requests and notice boards
  • Search a knowledge base and trouble shoot issues prior to submitting an incident request
  • Communicate to users proactively and publish personalized, relevant information
  • Control who can see what via Users, Roles, and Permissions
  • Reflect your corporate brand through configurable look and feel
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing intranets or websites
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