See security risks and demonstrate compliance

Gain greater visibility into your endpoint security systems and risk levels through customized security reports and dashboards for multiple IT roles—from the CSO to the security administrator. These role-based reports and dashboards are essential for safeguarding your organization’s data.

Executive SmartVue dashboards

View key information on any smartphone, iPad or other tablet about IT processes impacting user productivity, system performance, and endpoint security. SmartVue shows the value of IT within your organization and is ideal for CIOs, department heads, and IT directors who need timely, visual graphs and charts for decision-making and business risk analysis.

Vulnerability dashboards and reports

Display status and compliance information across multiple endpoint security defenses such as patches and software updates, application controls and HIPS activities, and antimalware activity. See status according to thresholds you’ve set for scanning your systems and devices. View security threats, drill down, and take action from the same console used for systems management.

Auditing and compliance reports

Essential IT dashboards and reports help you demonstrate compliance to an internal or external auditor. Export the data in all common formats to tailor the information to the needs of the auditor or compliance officer.