Safeguard your data no matter where it’s stored

This policy-based data loss protection and disk encryption solution powered by WinMagic encryption technologies enhances the ability of LANDESK Security Suite to protect your data, reduce internal and external vulnerabilities, and minimize impact on productivity.

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Policy-based intelligent encryption

Leverages LDAP integration for smooth deployment of encryption policies across global, domain, groups, and individuals. Enforces security policies on devices and external media even if the device is disconnected from the network.

Integrated administration and deployment

Integrates with the LANDESK security solutions for security policy definition and management, device inventory, and continuous status reporting of policy compliance.

Industry compatibility

Compatible with industry-standard algorithm FIPS 140-2. It also complements Windows BitLocker®.

Multi-levels of control and security

Offers two-factor authentication for smart cards, biometrics, and RSA SecurID, plus self-service or administrator-assisted password recovery without permitting administrator access to the individual’s data.

Transparent to user

Encryption doesn’t impact user productivity. Multiple users can share information securely on the same desktop, laptop, or device—ideal for healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries.