Are you up to your security compliance standards? Prove it!

To meet multiple compliance standards, you must provide risk visibility and monitoring, maintain a stable and secure environment, adhere to policies for both administrators and users, encrypt data, and be able to react quickly to any security threats. Security solutions from LANDESK continually monitor and deliver a unified view of your vulnerabilities and cyber security systems, which helps align priorities across your compliance, data center, endpoint security, and IT operations.

Retail and business — PCI-DSS compliance

LANDESK integrated security helps you adhere to PCI standards across eight of the 10 technology-related requirements, including: firewall, strong passwords, data encryption, antivirus, systems and applications security, unique user IDs, tracking and monitoring access, and regular security and process testing and reporting.

Healthcare — HIPAA, HITECH compliance

Demonstrate how your healthcare processes maintain patient records securely. Integrate endpoint security with data encryption and antivirus to meet HIPAA and HITECH requirements for safeguarding patient records across many devices.

Government compliance

Government standards guide and influence security standards across multiple industries. Meet compliance standards like FERPA, FIPS-140-2, SCAP, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), as well as the majority of SANS 20 technology-related security controls. Provide the reporting and visibility to demonstrate compliance in each of these standards.

Auditing and reporting

When auditors come calling, provide the appropriate information through security reports and dashboards that show the current security state of all assets and software.