Protect against zero-day threats

Traditional antivirus and vulnerability patching no longer offer sufficient protection. LANDESK Application Control protects against zero-day attacks by preventing malicious software from executing. This advanced threat detection learns the expected behavior of your applications and blocks anything that executes outside known patterns.

Software whitelisting and blacklisting

Authorize applications to run or be blocked even if they are renamed or if the user is disconnected from the network.

Cloud-based file reputation service

Download the latest known and trusted applications automatically. Add your own trusted applications and file certifications either manually or by setting Application Control in “Learning” mode to discover the file patterns for each application you run in your environment.

Precise application and rootkit control

Apply precise control over how authorized applications execute and whether applications can launch other applications to prevent stealth rootkits from infiltrating your enterprise systems.

File system and registry protection

Prevents malware from running when your host system reboots; also locks down the registry until rights are approved by the IT administrator.