Endpoint Security that Integrates with Systems Management

Endpoint security is easier to manage, when you do it with all the devices and platforms people use to be productive. LANDESK Security Suite increases your endpoint security with:

  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Application control
  • Multi-platform protection
  • Dashboards and reporting for compliance

Add-on security products:


Endpoint Security You Can Trust

LANDESK Security Suite is a valuable security solution that addresses complex security challenges for organizations of all sizes. With it, you can enable customers to better protect users, their data and applications with the least amount of effort. LANDESK Security Suite helps you:

  • Reduce risk – Reduce the financial risk and risk related to your organization's reputation by eliminating threats and data loss
  • Maintain balanced control – Increase the level of security, without getting in the way of user productivity
  • Deliver anytime, anywhere security – Security that follows the user based on their location
  • Meet internal and industry compliance standards – Helps you meet several industry compliance standards in such fields as government, healthcare and retail. Also provides extensive reporting to maintain internal compliance standards
  • Provides multiple layers of endpoint security – Includes layers of protection with devices, operating systems, applications and security processes
  • Gives you superior application control – Allows administrators to whitelist known, approved applications to run in their environment
  • Includes multi-platform support – Provide protection for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and HP-UX

Security Capabilities of LANDESK Security Suite

LANDESK Security Suite provides extensive security for your corporate data, these capabilities include:

  • Discovery
  • Inventory
  • Patch management
  • Application blocking
  • Connection control management
  • Audit and compliance enforcement
  • Spyware blocking/removal
  • Firewall
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Data encryption
  • Cloud Services Appliance (Gateway)

Available As Integrated Security Add-Ons


Most Recent Security Enhancements in 9.5 SP1

The latest LANDESK Security Suite improvements include the following:

  • Enhanced Mac OS X management and security
  • User-based views--see all devices associated to each user
  • FIPS 140-2 enabled remote control
  • Geo-fencing policies for HP devices
  • Host-based provisioning for Intel AMT vPro
  • Application control with control-based file reputation
  • Patch management--end-user productivity enhancements
  • FIPS 140-2 compliance – LANDESK Data In Motion encryption
  • Kaspersky Lab Endpoint 10 integration

Free 45-day Trial of LANDESK Security Suite 9.5

LANDESK Security Suite software offers a multi-layered approach to security that makes it easy to safeguard data and preserve productivity by securing enterprise devices. We secure IT resources from core and network servers to desktops, laptops and portable storage media—preventing data leakage, viruses, malware, spyware and other malicious attacks:

  • Integrated endpoint security
  • Compliance assessment and remediation
  • Device and application control
  • Advanced vulnerability assessment and remediation
  • Enforcement of Windows firewall and existing antivirus solutions

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