A comprehensive IT systems management and endpoint security solution

Effective IT systems and endpoint security management is a challenge. Cobbling together client management point products from different vendors and administering a half-dozen different applications is time consuming and complex.

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What is Secure User Management?

LANDESK Secure User Management Suite is an all-inclusive, user-oriented systems and endpoint security management software platform with a unique set of integrated capabilities.

With user-based pricing, the four-in-one suite is available at one price, regardless of the type of user or how many devices or platforms each user has. Stop worrying about the cost of controlling your endpoints and focus on the best way to manage and secure them.

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Manage all aspects of your users’ platforms and systems with technologies that solve issues regarding software distribution, software license management, OS provisioning and migration, power management, multi-platform management, software and hardware lifecycle management, and data normalization for better reporting and dashboards.

Apply multiple layers of endpoint protection that include non-managed device discovery, patch management, application blocking and whitelisting, connection control, spyware blocking and removal, and vulnerability assessments.

Solves the issues related to multi-platform support (iOS, Android, and Blackberry), workforce segmentation, data containerization, device configuration, password security, remote lock and wipe, app delivery, and policy-based management.

Gain a true picture quickly and easily of license usage across the business, deliver immediate savings, and make software asset management simple: improve asset lifecycle visibility, monitor EULAs, reclaim and reassign software based on usage, and eliminate overbuying licenses.

Empower your IT and non-technical staff to easily connect multiple LANDESK and other data sources into a single dashboard or report—all without coding. Complementary to the reporting capabilities in the LANDESK portfolio, Xtraction consolidates business views and helps you visualize the state of the IT environment to make informed decisions.

Make the move to User-Oriented IT

In this white paper, analyst firm EMA outlines a best-practice approach for fundamentally redefining the relationship between your users and your IT department. It offers practical tips on how to:

  • Provide multi-device access to business resources
  • Isolate business resources from personal resources
  • Enable self-service user management
  • Mitigate risks to your business

IDC Report: ROI of an Integrated Management Solution

Find out how much you can save with a comprehensive user management solution.

The Democratization of Shadow IT

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