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Secure corporate email while preserving the native app experience for mobile users

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What is Secure Mobile Email?

Secure Mobile Email from LANDESK enables mobile users to access corporate email and secure email attachments from personal mobile devices while it prevents data leaks that can occur through mobile access.

Secure corporate email access

Give mobile users the email access they need, while securing corporate information.

Preserve the native application experience

Allow users to access mobile email and secure attachments through their preferred email client, while maintaining security.

Protect email and attachments

Secure emails and related attachments, keeping IT in control of access and able to prevent access from a lost or stolen device.

Email account-level security

Secure corporate email in the native client, even while users can access personal accounts from the same email application.

Access via secure gateway

All corporate email and attachments pass through a secure gateway to authorized users, providing IT with a clean email management approach to control access.

BYOD-friendly access to the killer mobile app

Email is the most common application for mobile workers. Drive productivity with easy access.

LetMobile Secure Mobile Email

The answer to secure corporate email on personal devices.

Secure corporate email while preserving the native email experience

Email is the "killer app" for mobile