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LANDESK Service Desk

Full Resource Visibility

To ensure your organization’s resources are being used effectively, you need full visibility of your teams’ or groups’ current tasks and commitments.

The best way to do this is LANDESK Resource Manager. An extension for LANDESK Service Desk, LANDESK Resource Manager allows impending tasks to be assigned in a way that avoids scheduling conflicts and guarantees that planned activities are timed so you’ll meet service level or operational level agreements.

You can assign tasks and appointments dynamically to individuals or groups as a standard part of the support process. In addition, the solution provides full visibility of individuals’ and groups’ outstanding assignments and tasks within your mail client’s calendar, as either appointments or tasks.

Complete the End-to-End Support Process

LANDESK® Resource Manager provides what is often seen as the missing link in the end-to-end support process. From within a single calendar view, the assigning analyst has full visibility of the workload and tasks they assign to their groups and team members.

They are able to assign tasks and responsibilities to the relevant people, while leveraging automatic email communication to confirm those assignments. When tasks are complete, the automatic update to the service desk record through both notification of completion and text completion automatically completes the related task or appointment in the calendar, allowing the end-to-end cycle to be completed with minimum effort.

When combined with the ability to apply this level of collaboration across all relevant groups within an organization, LANDESK Resource Manager becomes a critical element for any support group.

Ensure Service Level Compliance.

LANDESK Resource Manager helps you:

  • Allocate activities quickly and accurately to ensure Service Level compliance
  • Assign tasks with complete confidence via a single calendar view
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts and complete activities to plan

Get full visibility on your teams’ current tasks and commitments. Contact your nearest LANDESK representative and see what LANDESK Resource Manager can do for you and your organization.

Key Features

  • Full visibility of appointments and tasks
  • Single calendar view allows managers and team leads to see all of the groups and individuals they have responsibility for
  • Enables you to assign tasks and responsibilities once appropriate individuals or groups are identified
  • Details of required actions are inserted automatically within the body text of the assigned task.
  • When a task is marked complete it’s automatically recorded as complete within LANDESK Service Desk
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