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Process Manager

Design and Execute IT Automation

Efficiency at the Speed of Change

Empower your enterprise to automate consistent processes across your organization. Process Manager helps you:

  • Maximize efficiency and cost savings by automating IT processes, including LANDESK® solution specific operations.
  • Access an easy-to-use change management system
  • Gain or enhance ITIL disciplines and best practices
  • Ensure audit and standards compliance
  • Empower your enterprise with visibility into IT processes

Why LANDESK Process Manager

Improve the productivity of your users and IT staff, increase your ability to adapt to frequent changes and reduce your IT costs. It provides IT organizations with the following benefits:

  • Maximize efficiency and cost savings — Automate IT processes, including LANDESK® solution specific operations
  • Implement Change Management — Create and maintain an optimized change management system that provides consistency in your processes
  • Gain or enhance ITIL disciplines — Integrate ongoing compliance measures or best practices with your business processes
  • Reduce or eliminate development resources — Reduce the need for extensive development to integrate all your IT processes
  • Provide visibility — See and share visual workflows with the people involved in each process

An Overview of Process Manager Technical Capabilities

LANDESK Process Manager delivers a unique set of capabilities, which include:

Process Designer

  • Build processes as a simple drag-and-drop activity – edit on demand
  • Reuse workflows or portions of workflows in multiple processes
  • Access to multiple ready-to-use templates online

Service-Oriented Architecture

  • Execute processes with Web Services
  • Integrate with Thin Forms, ASP, .NET forms, Adobe PDF forms and MS InfoPath forms

Flexible Implementation and Use

  • Automate change approval documentation processes
  • Allow users to approve or deny tasks from mobile devices
  • See and schedule processes – drill down on each process within a calendar


Auditing and Reporting


  • Automate processes within LANDESK Total User Management solutions
  • Integrate with multiple databases, CMDBs, ERP and CRM applications
  • Built in actions for LANDESK solution-specific processes
  • Active Directory actions – accounts, shares, groups, app access, and password reset
  • Remedy integration with common workflows between Remedy and LANDESK solutions
  • Includes Process Integration Modules (PIM) for structured integration with third-party solutions
  • Integrate with WMI calls, email systems, handheld devices and mobile phones
  • Automate and integrate PC lifecycle management tasks
  • Execute Java, VB and SQL scripts
  • Integrates with DSView to automate data center processes and enhance DSView audit trails

For more detail, refer to the Process Manager Data Sheet.

Automate Common IT and User Processes

LANDESK Process Manager quickly automates processes including:

  • Service desk activities
    • ITIL best practices
    • Event Management
    • Password reset
  • User related tasks
    • Expense report processing
    • Leave and travel requests
  • User Onboarding
    • New account setup
    • New hire processes
  • Security Management
    • Vulnerability scanning
    • Bug/fix reporting
  • Systems Management
    • PC lifecycle management
  • Business Systems
    • Credit processes
    • Invoice processing and exceptions
    • Purchasing requests
    • Contracts and equipment management
    • Proposal generation
    • Lead management
    • Order processing
  • System Enhancements
    • New product introduction
    • Product/service enhancement requests
  • And more…