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Automate Patching Across Your Enterprise

Automatically Patch Your Mixed IT Environment

LANDESK Patch Manager makes it possible to remediate thousands of systems with one task—and without saturating your network. LANDESK Patch Manager will help you improve the following:

  • Increase control – Gain control over security, productivity inhibitors and compliance
  • Heterogeneous platform support – Full vulnerability detection and remediation for Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, and Mac OS X. This also includes vulnerability detection and reporting for systems running HP-UX
  • Patch anywhere – Increase your patching capabilities exponentially by combining LANDESK Patch Manager with the LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance to assess vulnerabilities and remediate issues in remote locations anywhere in the world

Why LANDESK Patch Manager

Keeping up with the constant stream of security threats and patches is an ongoing drain on IT staff. Organizations must be able to research, evaluate, test and apply patches across the enterprise easily and automatically. LANDESK Patch Manager provides the following benefits:

  • Security – Reduce the risk of security breaches
  • Productivity – Increase your IT operations efficiency and eliminate issues that slow down end-user devices and critical business applications
  • Compliance – Meet compliance and regulatory standards, mitigate lost opportunities and reduce the risk of legal and financial penalties

Key Capabilities of LANDESK Patch Manager

LANDESK Patch Manager delivers a unique set of capabilities, which include:

  • Operating system patching – Establish policies for automated patching, download and install as patches become available and access machines across the enterprise without additional hardware or VPN connections
  • Application patching – Patch third-party vulnerability content including Adobe, Apple, Java and others
  • Remediation – Schedule tasks, pre-stage patches, and configure policies, bundle packages with configured dependencies
  • Visibility and control – Gain complete visibility of all patches on every device and be able to patch at anytime globally with Wake-on-WAN, which wakes up machines and increases your patch success rates
  • Patented downloading technologies – Distribute large packages without a heavy hit to your network and without additional, dedicated hardware. Leverages local bandwidth and distributes patches more efficiently across your enterprise
  • Automation and remote management – Distribute patches through enterprise, so when the change and control board approve it, the patches can be immediately installed
  • Cloud Service Appliance (working with Patch Manager) – Enables you to assess vulnerabilities and remediate systems anywhere in the world

What’s New in 9.5 SP1

The latest LANDESK Patch Manager includes the following productivity enhancements:

  • Ability to set a consistent time frame when a device will be patched and maintained
  • Specify key processes that if found running, and optionally are in full screen mode, patching will not occur. (i.e. if powerpnt.exe is running and in full screen mode, don’t patch or if heartMonitor.exe is running don’t patch)

Free 45-day Trial of LANDESK Security Suite

LANDESK Security Suite software offers a multi-layered approach to security that makes it easy to safeguard data and preserve productivity by securing enterprise devices. We secure IT resources from core and network servers to desktops, laptops and portable storage media—preventing data leakage, viruses, malware, spyware and other malicious attacks:

  • Integrated endpoint security
  • Compliance assessment and remediation
  • Device and application control
  • Advanced vulnerability assessment and remediation
  • Enforcement of Windows firewall and existing antivirus solutions

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