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Requests for password resets are the most common type of call received by internal and external service desks, accounting for up to 30% of service desk call volumes in some cases. Secure self-service password reset is a realistic way to reduce call volume, improve customer service, and save support costs.

LANDESK® Pass Me is a secure, user-friendly system that automates the password reset function. The solution allows users and customers to reset their passwords at the system logon screen after answering a series of security questions. When integrated with LANDESK® Service Desk, a call ticket is automatically logged and closed to ensure that every incident is recorded and tracked.

Not only does LANDESK Pass Me empower employees and customers to reset their own passwords without waiting for service desk assistance, the solution also frees up support and service analysts to work on more critical or productive calls and tasks.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Empower users to “help themselves” and reduce the call load on the support function.
  • Improve security by ensuring that users are authenticated 100% of the time, increasing password security and reducing the number of analysts required to have ‘Super User’ administration rights.
  • Provide 24x7x365 password reset support.
  • Maintain visibility of number of resets that take place using the automatic logging and closure of reset incidents.
  • Improve efficiency through reduced call loads and time taken to resolve each incident.
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