Mobile security that preserves the native user experience

Avoid user frustration while protecting corporate data access.

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Ensure security without compromising usability

Mobile devices are very personal-especially in a BYOD use case. So, security requirements can't encroach upon the way users expect to interact with their smartphones or tablets. On the flipside, however, you must ensure that corporate content accessed from these devices is protected.

Our LANDESK Mobile Security Suite helps you protect the data and apps you provide, while your users continue to employ their preferred native applications-even when mobile device management (MDM) isn't part of your strategy. Just think. No containers and no need for separate personal and corporate profiles. Personal and corporate information and apps can run side-by-side, with the confidence that your corporate data is safe.

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Protect your data and stay out of the headlines

Access to corporate email through users’ preferred email apps provides the best user experience while reducing risk.

Review policies and set rules for content, context, and geo location-based mobile data leakage prevention (mobile DLP).

Secure corporate applications without the need to write code. Our app-wrapping is easily configured in seconds; no SDK required.

Users can access intranet and other internal corporate sites via our secure browser. With our Mobile Security Suite, there’s no need for a VPN to enjoy mobile access.

“BYOD-friendly” means delivering security while being sensitive to the very personal nature of smartphones and tablets.

Extend your LANDESK Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution by ensuring the mobile devices your users carry are protected.

Your users know what they like

See how preserving the mobile experience your users want helps ensure the security you need.

Unify management and security

Build a comprehensive IT strategy combining Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) with mobile security.