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LANDESK Security Suite

Manage Your Mobile Devices

Did you know that over half the mobile devices connected to your network are not corporate owned? With a little know-how, anyone can configure his or her smart phone or mobile device to receive email or download sensitive information regardless of whether users are in the cloud or behind the corporate firewall. Wouldn’t you like to know who is using personal phones for company business and be able to wipe those devices clean if they’re lost or stolen?

With the mobility management functions of LANDESK® Management Suite and LANDESK® Security Suite, you can.

LANDESK makes it easy to manage and secure any mobile device connected to your network including iPads, iPhones, Droid, and other mobile devices. Its core functionality of discovery, inventory, and wiping devices provides perfect balance between those responsible for making IT policy and security, and those who need to stay productive outside your firewall in the cloud.

LANDESK mobility management functionality enables you to:

  • Discover devices, without an agent at the point of data access, through ActiveSync and BES systems
  • Know which users are consuming corporate data and what devices they’re using
  • Extend corporate management and security to out-of-policy devices
  • Wipe data using a single user-based policy from devices that are lost or stolen or when someone leaves your organization
  • Improve business processes for reclaiming corporate IT assets and proprietary information—as in the case of employee termination

And, like all LANDESK products, you can display, view, and manage all users and mobile devices through common processes and workflows from a single, easy-to-use console.

Try the mobility management functions of LANDESK Management Suite and LANDESK Security Suite for yourself with a free 45-day trial or Contact LANDESK to learn more.

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Extend corporate management and security to any mobile device
  • Discover devices without an agent
  • Single management console for all users' devices
  • Remove data from a single device or all users' devices