Stop overbuying software licenses and achieve compliance

Compliance with software vendor licenses is key to reducing business and legal liabilities. Organizations often over-deploy software licenses or purchase too many to avoid hefty vendor fines. Software license management from LANDESK encompasses software audit tools and software monitoring to help you ensure you don’t purchase more than you need and provides the information to renegotiate vendor licensing agreements and control costs.

Monitor software usage and allocations

Discover what software licenses are being used and by whom. View licenses and how they’re allocated across multiple departments or divisions so you can create chargebacks for easier financial tracking of software purchases.

Automate license reclamation

See what licenses aren’t being used and reclaim and reassign them automatically to other people. You can customize the settings so particular users such as senior management aren’t affected by reclamation.

Designate approved software

Identify which applications are licensed and approved, and report on any usage beyond corporate guidelines. You can also use Application Controls included in LANDESK Security Suite to further lock down which applications can run in your environment for security and compliance reasons.

Within the first three months of using the solution to automatically identify and remove unused software, we had cost avoidance savings of $958,000 in licensing fees.

George Leonard IT Asset Manager, Sealed Air Corporation

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