Automate and accelerate how you roll out software

New operating systems and security processes require faster methods to test and deploy software. LANDESK software deployment tools eliminate the headaches of staging and delivering software rollout projects to increasingly larger groups of people, and help streamline your interaction with change control processes.

Bundle multiple applications and deploy them anywhere by targeting users and distribute the software intelligently to the appropriate users’ devices in minutes. You can also quickly make software available with role-based targeting to users through a self-service portal or end user workspace.

Automate software rollout projects

Users gain faster access to productivity tools when you automate staged rollout projects. Progress from smaller pilot groups to widespread enterprise distributions. Witness the progress through each project stage with a built-in Gantt chart and provide automated progress updates to stakeholders for each project. It’s perfect for maintaining software updates and patching processes for next-generation operating systems like Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

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Distribute packages in minutes, not hours or days

Patented enterprise-distribution technologies disperse large packages with minimal bandwidth and without dedicated hardware or router reconfigurations. Distribute a package to 10,000 users, for example, in 10 to 20 minutes or less by accessing packages already delivered to a subnet. Customizable configurations simplify bandwidth controls.

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Provide applications as needed with a self-service portal

Deliver applications to groups of users through LANDESK Workspaces for the End User. It helps reduce service desk incidents, empowers users to initiate approved installations, and enables faster troubleshooting via detailed histories.

Deploy multiple applications to multiple platforms

Deploy any package type and provide access to multi-file MSI support. Install prerequisite packages and install multiple packages automatically in a single operation, where you determine the order in which each application is deployed. Deliver packages to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux platforms by simply targeting the user or groups of users.