Secure remote control of desktops from any device, anywhere

Remote control is one of the most effective ways to analyze systems, resolve problems, reduce desk-side visits, and do more with less. Now you can control nearly any desktop remotely from any device with secure, browser-based access in order to support users anywhere on demand.

Resolve issues while communicating with users

Remote control software enables you to resolve user incidents quickly. Control users’ machines remotely and use chat and drawing capabilities to communicate how you or the user can remedy issues. Also transfer files from one machine to another and reboot the device remotely when necessary.

Remote control from any device

Control remotely through any HTML 5-enabled browser. Perform maintenance anytime with remote wake, remote reboot, and remote application launch abilities on a user’s PC or Mac.

Secure remote control and role-based administration

Ensure users know when their machines are being controlled remotely. Users can see and right-click the Remote Control icon. This icon appears during remote control, to end the session at any time, to see if the session is still active, or to find out who is controlling their machine remotely. It's easy to implement role-based rights so IT administrators can only remotely control the machines of people they manage.

Centralized reporting and auditing on remote control sessions

Auditing information about each remote control session provides additional safeguards to help you meet security compliance.

Secure connection with FIPS 140-2 encryption

All remote control data used to control remote users through the LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance is encrypted to meet FIPS 140-2 security standards.

The remote control tool eliminates driving to each machine, which allows us to handle twice the number of calls. We estimate that we save up to $150,000 a year in driving time costs alone.

Scott CapserSenior Systems Administrator, Adams 12 Five Star Schools