Cut energy costs while sustaining productivity

Employ PC power management software from LANDESK to create and distribute energy management policies across your network, achieve your green IT initiatives, and save money. Set policies related to groups, locations, and local schedules. Consume energy more efficiently and save $10 - $20 or more per machine annually with a smaller environmental footprint in your area of the world.

Download the LANDESK Power Manager data sheet

Comprehensive energy reporting

Display the percentage of power saved, the kilowatt-hours saved, and the money saved. You can estimate power savings before deploying a policy, document power savings easily, and provide accurate reports to management.

Centrally define and administer power schemes

Assign customized wattage settings and target specific types of systems for greater precision of PC power management policy. Specify how computers maximize energy through hibernate or standby modes or through performing a shutdown. You can also stipulate what components are affected, such as the monitor, hard drive, or the entire system. Wake up machines across your network to complete a task and then return them to an energy saving mode.

Power saving scheduling

“Chronological variability” enables you to set management policies that can vary by hour of the day and day of the week. You can even establish policies appropriate for non-traditional work weeks, such as Monday through Thursday.

Just for turning on LANDESK’s power management feature, we received a $207,000 rebate from the local electric company.

Mark CarpenterDesktop Management Engineer, Granite School District