Fast, flexible operating system provisioning and migration

Provision new or existing devices using templates that minimize PC configuration steps and propel your IT team to new levels of efficiency. Gain the flexibility to download device drivers based on the type of PC or device and have users up and running with fewer incidents every time.

OS deployments and distribution

Captures user, application, desktop settings, and files to restore them to an existing or new machine. Leverages patented LANDESK Peer Download and Preferred Server technologies to get large image files onto target machines quickly.

Windows migrations

Use your upgrade to simplify your IT environment. Integrate all your upgrade processes, including communications with users, moving all user profiles, laying down all supported and licensed applications, and standardizing your Windows OS images.

Mac OS X provisioning

Provision the Mac as easily as your PC’s by leveraging your existing infrastructure of both PXE Rep and HTTP prefferred servers. There’s no need for an additional Mac server.

Hardware independent imaging

Manage driver libraries and insert only the relevant drivers at run time, then automate the SYSPREP process so Windows can find them. Implement HII driver support that reduces the imaging process technical load.

Host-based provisioning for Intel vPro

Provision Intel vPro machines with zero touch. LANDESK eliminates the need to provision devices manually in order to activate vPro functionality. Boot remote clients to diagnostics or images contained on the network and observe the entire sequence from the LANDESK console.

LANDESK has cut our migration time by 50 percent or more. It’s not just an imaging solution; it’s a high-performance operating system deployment solution.

Sachin Kundra Vice President Information Technology, Chevron Federal Credit Union