Know what’s in your IT environment

Ignorance isn’t bliss. You’re only as good as your desktop management and PC discovery capabilities—otherwise you can’t secure your data, demonstrate asset and license compliance, control costs, or plan for the future. Use LANDESK inventory management to discover any managed or unmanaged IP-enabled devices on your corporate network. Track devices in the cloud as well as all applications on each device.

Discover unmanaged devices with Neighborhood Watch

Find all IP-enabled devices with passive and active discovery technologies. LANDESK extended device discovery is passive technology that detects network-connected (wired or wireless) devices in real-time, even if they’re behind a firewall. LANDESK also uses active discovery technologies including SNMP management, ping sweeps, HTTPS scans, and more. Gather data with agentless discovery with greater depth about each device, including information about the hardware, system software, third party applications, and more.

Inventory software asset data

Discovery Services identifies all software assets on each device, including usage of each application through content-based software discovery and comprehensive automatic discovery. Automatic discovery leverages file execution and MSI database and additional techniques to find all software. This deep discovery is especially useful when leveraging LANDESK Asset Management solutions to provide comprehensive visibility of all software with extensive usage information.

Aggregate data from multiple IT sources

Bring in data from other IT sources like Active Directory or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). Leverage additional connectors to bring in data from other data sources, whether from hardware vendors, software vendors—from content on the cloud, spreadsheets, or various databases.

Normalize and clean up data

Runs normalization rules to combine related data into consistent naming structures, so data is easier to manage, track, and view. This is especially useful as databases grow due to mergers and acquisitions and when companies expand their approved lists of vendors resellers from which they purchase.

Inventory Internet-attached devices accurately

Use the LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance and an Internet connection to inventory systems and devices in the cloud. No VPN required.

We no longer have to send people onsite to take inventory. It’s impossible to quantify exactly how much time and overhead that eliminates. But to put it into perspective, when we installed LANDESK we had about 4,500 PCs. We now have 27,500, but we need less staff today to support six times as many machines.

Tom O'BrienLead System Administrator, Advocate Health Care