Apple management that empowers users in the enterprise

Apple continues to make inroads in the enterprise with iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Apple users want to be empowered, not necessarily managed. LANDESK Management Suite provides cross-platform support, letting you perform both iOS and Mac management at the user level in a heterogeneous environment—all within the same workflows for PCs and mobile device management. Administrators can give users options as to when to update the OS, install software, or apply updates.

Download the Mac Management solution sheet

Discover devices

Apple products are some of the most common devices requested by end users. Employ LANDESK Management Suite to discover what devices are connecting so you can make the appropriate business decisions.

Deploy and provision Mac OS X

Yearly operating system releases from Apple can mean a lot of time spent migrating a machine to the new OS. With LANDESK Management Suite you can deploy an image to your managed devices without the additional infrastructure of a Mac server. What’s more, your end users will love the fact that you can deploy the OS to their end user workspace or portal so they can upgrade on their own timetable.

Deploy apps with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

Purchase, distribute and even reclaim licenses for AppStore applications among Apple devices, whether they’re running Mac OS or iOS.

Distribute apps and software

Empower users with all they need to get work done. Install software remotely without end-user interaction or present it in the end user workspace or portal for employees to decide if they need it, potentially saving on license costs. Distributing large software packages isn’t a problem. The light LANDESK infrastructure minimizes network-bandwidth impacts—ideal for widely distributed organizations.

Easily add new devices with the Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Enroll and manage new Mac and iOS devices easily, within LANDESK Management Suite.

Patch OS X and applications

Patch OS X as well as the applications on the device, whether developed by Apple or a third party. Employ the same process you use for your Windows-managed devices. (Patching capabilities are enabled through LANDESK Patch Manager and LANDESK Security Suite).

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Mac OS

Manage your Macs with the same MDM approach as your users iOS devices.

Manage FileVault security

Do more than just enable FileVault on the Macs in your environment. With LANDESK you can also escrow the keys to maintain control over the encrypted data.

Apply configuration profiles

Take advantage of the built-in configuration options of OS X and iOS to set global policies for users or groups for such services as directory service binding, 802.1x configuration, certificates, email, VPN, FileVault, etc. Enable your users while establishing a consistent administrative workflow and user experience across all Apple devices.