LANDESK Management Suite

IT systems management you can count on

So much is changing–users' expectations, IT responsibilities, an invasion of mobile devices, more Macs, increased software audits, and the growing demand for self-service. You need reliable systems management software that integrates with multiple IT solutions, boosts IT and user productivity, and delivers a fast ROI.

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What is LANDESK Management Suite?

It’s the foundation for reliable, efficient IT operations and provides key decision-making data. Manage all your users’ multi-platform desktops and mobile devices. Integrate several IT disciplines into a single management experience that speeds software distribution, ensures software license compliance, simplifies OS provisioning, saves power costs, provides secure remote control, and manages Mac OS X.

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LANDESK Management Suite capabilities

Discover and inventory all devices and assets into a single place to simplify, secure, and manage IT processes.

Discern how your licenses and software are being used, optimize your licensing costs, and be ready for a software audit at any time.

Capture and deploy operating systems and profiles. Provides a template-driven process to deploy operating systems using hardware-independent imaging, driver management, and integrated software delivery.

Distribute software across your enterprise in minutes using minimal infrastructure and network traffic. Software packages can include multiple applications for different OS’s, including Windows and Mac OS X.

Set alerts that monitor users’ devices and servers. Monitor software and hardware events and alert on these events. Alert administrators or launch process flows based on the type of event.

Complete Mac device management from inventory to operating system deployment.

Provide management with dashboards on their mobile devices and produce detailed reports to help IT decision-making.

Centrally managed, cross-platform remote control with extended problem resolution tools—all from any HTML5 browser.

Implement green IT and report on the actual energy savings from power management.

Gartner reports on client management tools

LANDESK continues leadership in Gartner studies

You’ll find LANDESK in four major Gartner Magic Quadrants. Discover how we stack up against a short list of vendors and why our capabilities help LANDESK achieve the #1 ranking in Total Client Management.

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Download the Gartner Critical Capabilities for Client Management Tools

Workspaces: Integrating Information with Action

Client and systems management tools are the foundation for gathering extensive IT data. To scale your business, it only makes sense to integrate this data with the tools and actions IT provides. That’s why we’ve created LANDESK Workspaces — a new role-driven user experience that matches the right information and actions with the roles that interact with IT; such as End Users, IT Analysts, and Asset Managers.

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IDC Report: ROI of an Integrated Management Solution

LANDESK customers report significant savings and ROI

Discover the five key ROI findings IDC identified while interviewing LANDESK customers. This report spells out the savings across both IT and user productivity with a total financial benefit to the business.

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Chevron Federal Credit Union selects LANDESK to provide integrated solution

Learn how Chevron Federal Credit Union exceeded its ROI expectations.

Coperion highlights the savings and support from LANDESK

See how this international engineering and manufacturing firm uses LANDESK Management Suite in an integrated systems management solution.

Modern medicine at Advocate Health Care relies on IT

Advocate jumps from 4,500 managed devices to over 27,000 without increasing staff.