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LANDESK Management Suite

LANDESK® Management Suite for Mac

It’s no secret that Macintosh machines continue to gain ground in the world of business. Among the key factors why are the lack of licensing cost per seat; the improved reliability, security and longevity of the hardware; plus the ease of keeping software updated.

What’s more, many of the more agile, small-to-medium-size organizations are taking advantage of the Mac’s proven technology, best practices and legendary benefits. And with LANDESK® Management Suite, your IT staff can enjoy a complete hardware and software management solution for all the users in your complex network environment.

Native Support for Macintosh Computers

LANDESK® Management Suite provides native support for Macintosh computers, including Intel-based Mac systems. Now you can automate systems management tasks and proactively see, manage, update and protect all your desktops, servers and mobile devices from a single console. No management solution is more complete, more integrated or easier to use.

With LANDESK Management Suite you can:

  • Support users on systems running virtually any operating system, reducing costs and the demands on help desk resources.
  • Protect user productivity and reduce resource needs by keeping up with patches and updates in order to maintain system-level security.
  • Manage user systems from your platform of choice, as the Mac remote control client allows you to connect from a PC or a Mac.
  • Decrease software licensing costs and quickly respond to audits with comprehensive software license monitoring capabilities.

Embrace and Manage Your Macintosh Functionality

Having to manually configure, repair and maintain your Macintosh systems stretches your already thin resources and creates unpredictability and risks in your mixed environment.

Rest assured, LANDESK Management Suite takes full advantage of the Mac OS environment. Rather than just porting a PC solution, it uses core services and applications developed for Mac OS X computers. These include remote control, OS deployment and profile migration, and exclusive LANDESK® Targeted Multicast™ technology, enabling efficient software and OS deployment with minimal network impact.

With LANDESK Management Suite, your Mac administrators can use the same integrated console used to manage all your other enterprise desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices. You can also manage compliance with regulations, standards and license agreements for all your systems—Mac OS, Windows, HP-UX, Novell Netware, Linux and others.