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Track and Trend against Service Desk Perfomance

LANDESK® Management Information enables organizations to accurately track and measure the complete service desk environment against their own key performance indicators (KPIs) or a set of pre-defined ones to maintain visibility of how IT is performing against agreed measurement criteria defined within KPIs. These KPIs can represent a number of service metrics including those created outside of the service desk which influence performance such as web monitoring information.

Metrics are displayed as trend graphs on dashboards with service indicators defined by IT for acceptable or below performance thresholds. At a glance it is possible to see how effectively IT is supporting the business or to spot irregularities across a specific date range.

When you use LANDESK Management Information you can:

  • Understand how your department is performing in relation to strategic goals
  • Use critical metrics as a diagnosis tool to identify underlying drivers hindering performance
  • Compare and trend data from new perspectives
  • Communicate metrics in a way that business stakeholders understand
  • Have key information at your fingertips to make faster, better-informed decisions

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See how LANDESK Management Information can give your organization the information needed to succeed. Contact your nearest LANDESK representative and take the first step to effectively tracking and measuring your KPIs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Define your own organization-specific KPIs and service thresholds
  • Quickly view KPI performance at a glance
  • Define who can see what data using role-based views
  • Schedule data collection frequency
  • Compare data from different metrics and time periods on a single chart
  • Incorporate data from sources outside of the service desk for a more holistic view
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