Help Increase User Productivity Through Our Systems Management Platform

How do you manage all the devices and platforms your users have and still maintain control over all aspects of your systems lifecycle management? LANDESK systems management solutions provide complete control and visibility into your IT assets and lifecycles.

Key Benefits

  • Discovery and Inventory

    Know What You Have, Where It Is and How It’s Used

    If you don’t know what’s on your network, you can’t demonstrate asset and license compliance, control costs or plan for the future. With inventory management capabilities of LANDESK Management Suite you  will:

    • Easily discover managed and unmanaged desktops, notebooks, servers, mobile devices, and other computer assets, know how they’re configured and where they are on your network.
    • Discover and manage systems and devices with any Internet connection with the LANDESK  Cloud Services Appliance; no VPN required.
    • Plan more effectively for software rollouts, upgrades and other IT tasks
    • Provide reports addressing your specific business needs

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  • User Platforms and Mobile Devices
    Systems Management Accordian

    Give Users Managed Freedom—The Right To Be Productive on Any Device

    Ensure that users and IT both win; more freedom and choice for the user — balanced with IT control focused on business-critical systems and data.

    • Personalize the IT experience on multiple devices
    • Configure security policies across all devices
    • Detect and block unauthorized devices
    • Separate personal and business data with data containerization
    • Manage and secure Mac and control all system configurations
    • Also manage Linux and Unix

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  • Software Management and Distribution
    Systems Management Accordian

    Manage Your Software Assets

    A key to controlling software costs and risk is knowing what software licenses you have and what you’re using. With LANDESK System Management solutions you can:

    • Improve IT Governance and manage the complete lifecycle of software assets from the beginning of life to retirement
    • Distribute software using patented targeted multicast and peer downloading technologies, which is faster, more reliable, and uses less infrastructure
    • Ensure software license compliance and know what licenses are being used or automatically reclaim unused licenses
    • Integrate purchasing and warranty data from all major vendors and resellers

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  • Hardware Lifecycle and Configuration
    Systems Management Accordian

    Optimize Your Hardware Investments

    LANDESK Systems Management helps you gain visibility into your hardware lifecycle combined with management capabilities that include:

    • Discover, validate, reconcile and aggregate data from multiple sources into a central asset repository for cost control and accountability
    • Configure and monitor power management to balance financial, environmental, and productivity considerations
    • Monitor printer use and toner levels
    • Integrate purchasing and warranty data from manufacturers and resellers
    • Manage and automate hardware configuration for HP and Lenovo computers and tablets

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  • Reporting and Dashboards
    Systems Management Accordian

    Gain Unprecedented Visibility

    IT departments and executives need a simple view of their IT environment and performance. LANDESK provides in-depth visibility with:

    • SmartVue app for dashboards on any device
    • Compliance reporting to reduce risk of fines
    • Vulnerability dashboards to accelerate security actions
    • Asset lifecycle reports to be able to manage all assets

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  • OS Migration and Provisioning
    Systems Management Accordian

    Automate Operating System Migration and Provisioning

    OS Migration and Provisioning can be time-consuming, expensive and intrusive—but it’s both a business and IT necessity. With LANDESK  you’re able to:

    • Migrate users to either Windows 7/8 with all their profile information and policies
    • Reduce migrations and provisioning to run in less time that it takes for the user to go to lunch
    • Obtain readiness, compatibility and migration success reports
    • Provide user notifications and communications about scheduling and status of their OS upgrade

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  • Remote Users and Locations
    Systems Management Accordian

    Manage and Protect Mobile Users and Distributed Offices

    LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance allows you to manage users’ devices and IT assets using any Internet connection at remote offices or locations. Benefits of the Cloud Services Appliance include:

    • No need for VPN or dedicated leased line
    • Secure and FIPS 140-2 enabled
    • Provide patching and distributing software to users everywhere there’s and Internet connection
    • Perform secure HTML remote control anywhere
    • Apply most management and security functions you’d expect within your corporate network

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  • Power Management
    Systems Management Accordian

    Save Money and Reduce Energy Consumption

    Conduct prudent power management and balance the trade-offs between power savings and availability of employees’ computers. LANDESK Power Manager provides:

    • Comprehensive power reporting helps you estimate power savings before deploying a policy, document power savings, and provide accurate reports to management
    • Custom wattage settings for different types of systems
    • Set power policies for both PCs and Macs

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